Receptions like people and weddings themselves come in all sizes and the hard part is all budgets. We all know weddings can be expensive but they don't have to put your parents or yourself in debt. Even if you aren't a huge DIYer or crafter there has to be some in your wedding party who are and would help with these simple ideas. 

1. Get a bit bubbly
No, not champagne but soap bubbles. Instead of messy rice, birdseed that can be a bit hard to walk on in dress shoes or confetti that someone is going to have to clean up, get dollar store bubbles and re-wrap the containers in little personalized wrappers you can print on your printer and just glue or tape on. Set them out like you would birdseed or rice and let your guests use them for your send off. Don't put on your reception table, only on the table near the door for when guests leave or you'll end up with them using up all the bubbles at the reception. Unless you are into that. :) 

2. Now Mr. & Mrs.
A great way to mark the bride and grooms chairs at the reception is to do it with a fun ampersand cut out, either from wood, cardboard or other material in your wedding color with a pretty rope, either cotton or hemp or jute with enough slack to allow you both to move a bit and pretty flowers and bows. It costs very little but looks very pretty. Wedding photos taken from behind the happy couple will look particularly sweet. 

3. Washi Tape Fun
Washi tape is a popular item for crafters, especially scrapbookers and it can be very cute used in wedding decor on the cheap. Table cards could be decorated with a pretty colorful stripe of washi tape without a lot of fuss. Plain glass vases and jars you can buy at the dollar store, and I do mean the $1 store can be pretty and colorful on reception tables with fresh cut flowers. You could save a ton with this, especially because professional arrangements can cost upwards of $5000 for a full church and large reception decor. 

4. Paper Poms
Decorating the pew ends or chairs at your wedding can get expensive. A tissue paper pom pom in your colors is adorable if you aren't going for an over the top elegant look

5. Table Numbers
If you are going for a cute, garden party look to your reception, table numbers on a stick would look great in a small potted plant, perhaps English ivy and daisies set inside little tin buckets or terracotta pots. You could even make the card look like a seed packet if you want to really carry the garden theme. 


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